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CEM Systems: Preventative and Responsive Maintenance

While a CEM System is a highly sophisticated piece of analytical equipment, it can only do its job when it is operating properly. Think about your CEM System like you do your own personal vehicle; it has both mechanical and electronic components that require routine maintenance and repair. While there are certain items you may be able to handle on your own, when your car needs maintenance beyond your capability, you look to professionals to make those repairs. And just as the performance of your vehicle depends on the quality of your mechanic, the performance of your continuous emissions monitoring system depends on the technical expertise of those working on it.

As with any type of equipment, CEM Systems are subject to routine wear and tear. In order to ensure maximum performance of the system and to avoid costly downtime or deviations, Air Tox recommends routine maintenance on the CEMS. We can work with you to tailor a preventative maintenance program that suits your specific needs. That program could include regular monthly, quarterly or yearly preventative maintenance visits. During this type of regular service work, our expert technicians replace, clean and rebuild parts based on the both the manufacturer’s recommended frequency as well as our extensive field experience. We also test the performance of the CEM System to make sure all components are functioning at their optimum capacity. Performing regular preventative maintenance helps reduce the possibility of catastrophic failures and unnecessary downtime, and can lead to a longer life expectancy of the CEMS.

Even with the best preventative maintenance program, there may be times where there is an unexpected failure. Air Tox has a team of qualified field service engineers that can mobilize quickly to make the necessary repairs and get your CEM System back up and running again. Since we carry an extensive inventory of spare CEMS parts, our service team has the benefit of having access to this inventory for the timely delivery of any necessary replacement parts. Contact us to develop a customized service program for you.

Emergency 24×7 CEM System Support

CEM Systems by definition are continuous, and continuous systems do not abide by the typical 9-5 workday. In fact, as many customers will attest, unexpected problems often seem to occur 6pm on a Friday, when the majority of the working world has disconnected from responsibility for the next two days. However, CEM Systems cannot afford to wait that long for resolutions. We understand this concern, and offer a 24x7x365 hotline (#1-800-4-AIRTOX) and on-call support group that can be available whenever an issue arises, no matter the time or day. This support group has the ability provide both phone support to on-site technicians and to remotely access your CEM System and make necessary adjustments or repairs. Our 24/7 emergency CEM Systems support plans give our customers peace of mind, knowing they are completely covered when it comes to CEM System downtime and violations. Contact us to find out how we can customize a CEM System support plan to fit your needs.

CEM System Reporting and Compliance

Remaining in compliance with permits, state, and federal regulations is an important part of effectively managing a continuous emissions monitoring system. It can be difficult to stay on top of the numerous deadlines imposed by multiple state and federal requirements, and interpreting the regulations is never a simple, straightforward process. Our team of CEM System professionals can assist you with all your compliance questions. We also conduct regular reporting services, including quarterly and semi-annual 40 CFR 60 emissions reports, quarterly 40 CFR 75 XML EDRs through ECMPS, Greenhouse Gas reporting, annual Emissions Inventory reports, semi-annual Title V deviation reports and annual Title V Compliance Certification reports. Air Tox’s consulting services proactively keep our customers in compliance, while maintaining maximum operational flexibility. Contact us to help guide you through this regulatory maze.

QA/QC Plans

A Quality Assurance/Quality Control document is a mandated requirement of any CEM System. The team of compliance professionals at Air Tox can assist you in composing this document if your site does not have one in place. Also, because annual reviews of existing QA/QC documents are required, we can conduct thorough QA/QC plan reviews and make updates if necessary. We provide professional, accurate documents that your site can rely on to effectively manage your CEM System and remain in compliance.

Contact us today to learn more about CEMS support services that can be tailored to your specific needs.