The Guide to CEMS Acronyms

The Guide to CEMS Acronyms


Ever feel like you’re reading a different language when it comes to your CEMS and COMS regulations or permit? Don’t feel uncomfortable any longer! Here is a reference guide that explains the acronyms you need to know to, well, be in the know!

BAF- Bias Adjustment Factor (determined in RATA)

BTU- British Thermal Unit

CAMD- Clean Air Markets Division

CEMS- Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

CGA- Cylinder Gas Audit (audit performed under Part 60 every quarter for CEMS)

COMS- Continuous Opacity Monitoring System

CSAPR- Cross State Air Pollution Rule

DAHS- (or DAS)- Data Acquisition (and Handling) System

DR- Designated Representative

DT- downtime

ECMPS- Emissions Collection and Monitoring Plan System

EDR- Electronic Data Report (submitted to the EPA through ECMPS)

EE- excess emission

EGU- Electrical Generating Unit

FF2L- Fuel Flow to Load

GCV- Gross Calorific Value (quantity of heat produced when fuel is combusted; the GCV will vary based on fuel type and sample)

NAAQS- National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NSPS- New Source Performance Standards

OOC- Out Of Control (refers to CEMS/COMS monitors)

Part 60- 40 CFR 60- Code of federal regulations under the Clean Air Act

Part 75- 40 CFR 75- Code of federal regulations under the Clean Air Act

PNG- Pipeline Natural Gas

PPM- Parts per million (concentration)

QAQC- Quality Assurance, Quality Control

RA- Relative Accuracy

RATA- Relative Accuracy Test Audit (yearly audit performed under Part 60/75 for CEMS)

RM- Reference Method