NSPS for Residential Wood Heaters

The New Source Performance Standards for hydronic heaters, wood-burning forced-air furnaces, pellet stoves, and other wood heaters was published on March 16, 2015. This rule sets standards for previously unregulated heaters, and updates standards for new, adjustable-rate woodstoves. However, the ruling gives manufacturers until the end of 2015 to sell any inventory that does not meet these standards. With 2015 quickly coming to a close, it will not be long before all new wood heaters sold in the above categories will have to pass an EPA-approved compliance test.

The ruling focuses on PM emission limits that are phased in two steps. The first is a less stringent 2015 limit (2016/17 for forced air furnaces) and a secondary, more strict limit by 2020. The EPA estimates that the rule will yield $74 to $165 in benefits for every dollar spent on compliance. The EPA also encourages owners with older, less clean wood burning heaters to replace them with newer, cleaner options. For more details about the rule and compliance criteria, go to the EPA’s fact page here.

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